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What we can do for your company?

We’re glad you asked. You see, at DeHart, we don’t just offer advice. (That’s only one part of the relationship.) We take the time to get to know your company, including the people and your operations, and most importantly your culture. Only then can we recommend cost-effective solutions with realistic goals. Our customers want someone who can become an extension of their staff in the role of a trusted advisor. We work closely with your internal team to identify and prioritize the most challenging issues; recommend corrective steps, and develop an action plan that achieves the desired results.

These are just a few of the focused areas we can help with:

Consultative Sales Management for Sustainable Growth

Developing a relationship with customers whereby your sales team is viewed as a vital resource for their manufacturing requirements is an integral part of the consultative sales process.

Development of Complex Sales Cycles including Documentation to Support a Team Involvement

Cutting tools are a vital part of any machining operation. The intricate operating parameters are just as important as defining the physical dimensions and tolerances of the tool. Having the proper documentation with a defined methodology for collecting the data is crucial.

Strategic and Tactile Marketing Campaign Development

Perishable cutting tools require very specific brand recognition efforts. Tactical marketing and promotions to specific user groups are often more cost-effective than other more generalized traditional advertising efforts.

Competitive Market Research

Market research is extremely important when developing sales offerings and is one of the more challenging tasks our clients face. DeHart has identified the most cost-effective means for securing historical sales data which is then analyzed against trending marketing conditions.

Corporate and Product Branding Campaigns

Developing a consistent message, branding elements including packaging requirements and color schemes are an important aspect for long term growth within this industry. We have the expertise to develop collateral marketing materials, white papers, and case studies, video production, and web development.

Global Sourcing and New Product Development

Given the complexity of machine tools and manufacturing operations, it often becomes necessary to supplement your internal product offering. This may include procurement from global

Our Commitment

While we are committed to excellence inside our own company, we are even more committed to excellence inside yours. We know your success is our success. Our passion for helping customers achieve it shows in every decision and action we make.

Your productivity and profitability are our First Goal. We want our team to join forces with yours.

Together, we can make it happen.

Anthony DeHart

Accomplished business leader with an impressive 30+ year history of maximizing company and client revenue, profitability, and capital investment utilization within the cutting tool industry. Proven innovator who is known for developing leading-edge products/designs that transform industry paradigms. P&L leader who expertly manages all aspects of a business, including strategic planning, sales/marketing, R&D, operations, and manufacturing.

Versatile executive who implements sustainable business models, operational improvements, and consultative sales approaches that deliver results across a variety of business life cycle stages. Relationship builder who establishes quick rapport with clients, serves as a trusted consultant to executive teams, and effectively works with all organizational levels. Participative leader who develops team member capabilities, creates inclusive cultures, and guides organizations safely through significant change.